Rules & Restrictions

A maximum of six (6) guests may occupy the house

*  The house is STRICTLY non-smoking.

NO PETS of any kind.

*  The cost of replacing any missing or broken furnishings will be

    deducted from your deposit. If costs exceed your deposit amount,

    you will be billed. Please be considerate and treat our home with

    respect. We want you to have a great time!

NO weapons of any kind are to be used at the property as County

    regulations and laws dictate this. There are places in the area to

    go hunting and shooting. Please abide by the laws.

NO motorized vehicles of any type are to be ridden on the

   property. Trails are for hiking and cross-country skiing. 

* The person signing the rental agreement must be 18 years of age

    or older and must be in the rental party.